Does Aetna Health Insurance Cover the Costs of Addiction Treatment?

Aetna health insurance might cover the costs of addiction treatment, but members should check their policies and contact their preferred drug and alcohol treatment rehab centers to learn the terms of their coverage and determine if they have any out of pocket costs.

Last Edited: 05/22/2021

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Insurance Verification Help

One of people’s biggest concerns about addiction treatment is paying for it. Even if they have Aetna or another provider, they may worry if their health insurance will cover their expenses and wonder if they’ll have out of pocket costs.

Registering with the Aetna member website can help people see what their policies cover — and don’t cover. According to Aetna, this site helps members obtain “coverage details, see out of pocket costs and estimate costs of doctor visits and procedures.”

Members should also check with their preferred centers to verify their insurance and ask other questions.

Does Your Facility Accept My Health Insurance?

An established name in health insurance (and insurance in general, since the company began in the 1850s), Aetna is accepted at many drug and alcohol rehab treatment facilities.

But Aetna members should still contact rehab centers to determine if their health insurance will cover their treatment expenses and if they’ll have any additional charges.

Paying for Addiction Treatment

Checking with Aetna and their preferred rehab centers can help people determine if their insurance policies will pay for their drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

Doing this can help members see if they’ll have to pay anything extra, and if so, how much. If they do have additional expenses, Aetna and their treatment centers can help members find ways to manage costs and improve their health.


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