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Rehab for Women in Colorado | Addiction Rehab for Women in Colorado

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Women

When it comes to drug and alcohol abuse, both men and women are affected. Just as every individual is addicted in a different way, men and women experience addiction in differently. Because of the differences, it is important for women to have access to gender-specific treatment.

Many women struggle with alcohol and drug addiction due to trauma or mental health issues, such as eating disorders. Eliminating the substance abuse problem is only the first step in their treatment. Women also need help to heal from issues that occurred in the past, such as child abuse or an abusive relationship.

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Unique Rehab Opportunity

For drug and alcohol rehabilitation to work, there cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. Each individual must be treated differently. Women need special attention to deal with their unique addiction-related needs. A woman needs to feel safe as she deals with not only with alcohol rehab or drug rehab, but also the deep-seated issues behind her substance abuse, such as a sexual trauma or abuse.

Research has shown that many women start to abuse drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with a specific event or series of events. Studies have found that more than 70 percent of women who are in drug and alcohol inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab have a history of physical and/or sexual abuse, for example.

Let one of our Rehab Specialist explain our Women Rehab Program:

Why Should Rehab for Women Be Different?

If you are considering a rehab program for drug or alcohol abuse, you may be wondering why the facility needs to cater to women. There are several reasons. First, women face many issues that relate to addiction, and professionals must give specific attention to the reasons to ensure recovery. The issues may include eating disorders, body image concerns, complications related to motherhood, life issues, and more.

Compared to men, women often become addicted at a faster rate and suffer ill effects at a faster rate. Women may not have the support of family at home during the treatment process and may wonder what is going to happen while they are in treatment. Some women face their addiction issues and wonder how they are going to take care of their families, which may seem overwhelming.

A woman who is addicted to drugs or alcohol may want to seek treatment, but she may fear losing her children. Without support in treatment, women are at a higher risk of leaving too early to care for children, family members, or fulfill other responsibilities.

Quality women’s addiction treatment facilities focus on several aspects of their clients’ lives to assist in the healing process. Their programs focus on building their clients’ self-esteem and helping women feel empowered. They provide support so that women may begin to build their self-confidence and feel a sense of self-worth. Self-confidence must be strong in order for women to handle long-term recovery.

Gender-related issues may be addressed in individual and group therapy sessions. Women in therapy need a sense of security. During individual therapy, clients may feel comfortable discussing sensitive issues that they may not feel comfortable discussing in a group. This provides a sense of emotional safety and security that may enhance the recovery process.

Female-centered facilities may also provide a safe place for detoxing (detoxifying). Whether a client is recovering from drug or alcohol abuse or both, the body needs to recover. The detoxing process may be difficult and requires the assistance of medical professionals. The staff of a facility needs to provide essential detoxing assistance to ensure safety as well as comfort.

Behind the Addiction

Some women have a tendency to keep their feelings inside and not focus on what is really bothering them. With substance abuse, women turn to drugs or alcohol to try to forget a traumatic event or to try to numb how they are feeling about incidents. Using drugs or alcohol to forget things or numb pain may quickly spiral out of control and become an addiction.

One main goal of women’s treatment is to help individuals detox from their substances of choice and dig deep to learn what caused the addiction in the first place. Women may turn to drugs and alcohol due to traumatic events in their childhood or due to incidents as adults. Sexual abuse and trauma are major causes of substance use in women. A woman may turn to drinking alcohol or using drugs as a way to cope with the pain.

During treatment, individual counseling helps clients learn more about themselves and why they used drugs or alcohol. The clients must be willing to talk about their lives, discussing instances that took place in the past. This process may be quite difficult. Bringing up old memories may be painful and extremely hard to discuss.

This is why rehab centers with professional staff members are vital to recovery. Therapists and counselors need to create a safe spaces, so every woman feels comfortable discussing what happened to them and how they turned to substance abuse to cope. Once the underlying issue is discovered, therapists may create treatment plans to help clients address their pain and learn how to nurture themselves in recovery.

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Confidence Is Key

For many women, substance abuse is a way to cope with a traumatic event or series of events. Sexual abuse or physical abuse affects women’s mind as well as their bodies. When their minds are affected, women may lose a sense of self. They may have low self-esteem or none whatsoever. They have no idea how to feel good about themselves and feel as if they do not deserve of happiness.

A major step in recovery is to discover that you are a deserving person and you deserve to be happy. It is important for clients to realize that their abusers were wrong, not them. Clients learn that they did not deserve to be treated in such negative ways.

Abusers belittle their victims. The may break women down so much that they have no self-worth. Clients may feel that they are wrong and deserve to be abused. The goal of treatment is to eliminate such thoughts and allow clients to gain a sense of self-worth and self-confidence. Increased self-worth and self-confidence may help people better themselves, quit using drugs and alcohol, and focus on more positive options in life.

Finding Your Voice

In women’s rehab, every client has the ability to find her own voice. After abuse and traumatic events, some women may be so broken down that they fear being themselves or being happy. With treatment, women may learn how to find their own voice, define who they are, and determine who they want to be. They may ask people: What do you really want in life? How can you achieve it?

All people in rehab, not just women, need to be able to feel safe and be able to discuss how they are feeling. They need the opportunity to examine why they turned to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope. Keeping thoughts and feelings a secret may cause a relapse. Providing a safe and secure environment and teaching women how to talk about how they are feeling may help promote long-term recovery.

Women who are abused often feel as if they should not voice their opinion. They often cling to old behaviors of keeping quiet and not causing a stir. This may be harmful. A goal of women’s treatment for drug and alcohol abuse is to help women feel safe and respected. Women have the opportunity to speak their minds and rebuild their lives.

Feeling Safe

For many women, attending a female rehab facility may provide a sense of security. Some women who are abused may be uncomfortable around men. Staying in a coed facility and participating in group therapy with males might prove challenging or impossible for some clients. In female-only facilities, women may feel more at ease discussing personal details. This comfort may help women focus on building self-confidence and self-esteem.

One overall goal of a women’s facility is to provide a safe environment for recovery. A women’s drug rehab program works to develop skills that help women to develop self-sufficiency and acquire a full sense of self. Women will also learn how to set boundaries with others to create a sense of intimacy and well-being. Learning how to create healthy relationships and connect with others are crucial tools to create future success in recovery.

If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol and may benefit from a women’s treatment center, seek assistance today. Do not wait to find much-needed treatment for yourself or a female family member. Effective treatment may help you enjoy life to the fullest.

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