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Aftercare Programs and Ongoing Recovery

Aftercare Programs and Ongoing Recovery

At Mountain Springs we combine the best available treatment with our five-star amenities and personalized service to give a first-class care to our clients.

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From the minute you begin your rehab treatment, a rehab placement expert will gradually identify your individual needs and guide you in choosing the best aftercare program for you. Aftercare after discharge from an addiction treatment facility is essential to your recovery journey and in living a healthy and drug-free life.

Relapse Prevention

A common mistake with most recovering addicts is to try and rush their treatment. It is very normal to want to recover completely and get on with your life but rushing the program can lead to a relapse.

Our program gives you ongoing support designed to be very convenient for you so that you are able to continue with the relapse prevention program and at the same time live normally. You will receive intensive outpatient care, individual counseling, or group sessions. Additional support is also found in attending 12-step group meetings. All these are aimed at strengthening your coping skills and equipping you with the essential tools necessary in sustaining your long-term recovery and relapse prevention.

While receiving treatment, we work on establishing the reason why you began using drugs and why you still continued using even after the adverse effects kicked in. Then, we find a way of helping you overcome your cravings, triggers, and addiction even after you are discharged.

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Developing Recovery Skills

Part of your recovery process involves learning better recovery skills than just abusing drugs. Our aftercare and ongoing recovery program involves counseling and workshops designed to equip you with physical recovery tactics that work for your particular situation and personality.

These skills can include new hobbies, healthy eating, keeping a personal journal, stress management, positive thoughts, exercising, attending therapy, developing healthy relationships, steering clear of common triggers like anger, hunger, fatigue, and loneliness.

These are just some of the coping skills that can make your sobriety journey easier. It really depends on the best approach for you. Healthy eating and sound physical health is an integral part of recovery. With our help, we will find the best way to pursue the available options.

We will teach you how to get prepared in advance for stressful situations and triggers. Sometimes all you need to effectively curb your stress levels is a great playlist, a bubble bath, a punching bag, or even your favorite food.

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Preparation for Your Daily Life Routine

Our aftercare plan includes integrating you back to society in a normal as possible and healthy way. We will practically teach you how to keep off drugs and at the same time allow you to participate in helpful activities like volunteering and engaging in outings such as eating out and shopping. These and other activities allow you to have a feel of everyday life while still undergoing treatment.

Alumni Program

Our alumni support comprises of recovering individuals who come together with a goal of offering support to one another. We established an alumni program to celebrate recovery as well as offer support. Recovery success largely depends on support.

By sharing their successful recovery journey stories, our alumni community reminds you that it is possible to lead a healthy and great life again even after a drug addiction problem.

Continuing Addiction Care Plan

Our specialists understand the importance of helping you recover and transition to your everyday life in a way that supports your physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness.

We will customize a care plan for you and provide the necessary support tools that will help you to comfortably integrate into society.

Our continuing care can include:

  • Recreational activities

  • Support groups

  • Specialized workshops

  • Living arrangement support

  • Appointment with a mental health expert

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