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Holistic Recovery Center

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If you or someone you love is seeking treatment for an alcohol or drug addiction, finding a treatment plan that concentrates on all their needs can be a challenge. Holistic recovery centers focuses on all the patient’s needs. Rather than only zeroing in on the addiction solely, holistic rehab treats unmet needs and seeks to improve the patient’s entire life, getting to the root of the addiction. Holistic treatment focuses on healing the mind, body and soul from the damages of addiction.

What Is a Holistic Approach?

Your body is made of different functioning parts, all working together to make you healthy and thriving. When one part isn’t working, you may fix that part and move on, but what if there’s something else in the machine that’s the root of the problem? The environment, the stress, the diet, the movement, or lack thereof? All these parts are connected into a whole. Ignoring one part while fixing another is like fixing a leaky faucet: when you fix one hole, two more spout out, unless you get to the root of the entire problem.

A holistic approach treats the whole person, rather than just the parts (the addiction). The philosophy behind holistic addiction treatment is that when you heal the whole person, your chance of relapse because the roots of addiction – ranging from low self-esteem, lack of nutrition, and heightened stress, to past trauma and family/relationship problems – are treated alongside the addiction itself.

Holistic approaches often include treatment practices which would be considered “alternative medicine” today. These treatments can include acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and herbalism, practices that have proven to improve stress levels and cognitive function and have been used to treat ailments and diseases for a long time.

These treatments are commonly combined with traditional ones because studies prove that by being coupled with holistic therapies, treatment programs saw increased rates of success, more than merely using conventional treatment plans.

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Why Choose Holistic Treatment?

Getting sober is what treatment centers are for. Staying sober is a lifelong process that you need to work at. Some of those ways are with coping mechanisms learned through holistic therapy, such as mindfulness, how to relax, how to practice self-care, and how to lead your best life.

Holistic treatments are often used alongside conventional treatments, and frequently used to combat dual diagnoses. The attention to mindfulness, relaxation, and healthy diet and exercise can improve the quality of life overall and empower patients with the tools they need to stay sober long-term.

Holistics rehab programs focus on diet and exercise, which are lifelong tools to help keep your body physically healthy and reduce stress and improve cognitive function. Diets at holistic treatment centers are highly nutritious, providing vitamins and minerals that your body needs to help recover from addiction. Exercise can include movement and dance therapy. Emotional support is also provided with counseling, group sessions, and often art and music therapy are incorporated to inspire connection.

Holistic plans are also less focused on prescription medication, which can be addictive and have the potential of making a patient dependent upon them. Many conventional inpatient facilities provide medication to ease withdrawal symptoms, but when treating addiction, that may not be the right course of action for everyone seeking treatment. Finding a holistic dual diagnosis treatment centers without potentially-addictive medications can be crucial to avoid relapse, or developing another addiction.

When people emerge from traditional treatment centers, they are armed with the knowledge they need to stay sober. However, a lot of patients have a difficult time staying on the right path once they are home because they stop having a regimented schedule that keeps them busy. Often times recovering individuals will fill their time with an activity learned in the holistic recovery center like Yoga, Meditation, Hiking or Music.


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How to find the Right Holistic Addiction Treatment Program?

With all the treatment options out there, it can be daunting to find a genuine, holistic treatment center. Here are some criteria to look for when selecting a holistic treatment center:

Look for evidence-based facilities with educated staff

At any rehab facility, especially holistic ones, they should use evidence-based practices, meaning that the holistic approaches they use should be backed up by some clinical studies. Further, like at any rehab facility, the staff there should have at least a master’s degree in social work, psychology, or counseling with a specialty in treating drug or alcohol addiction. On a treatment facility’s website, pertinent information on methods and staff should be readily available, including staff’s educational backgrounds and well-cited sources for the treatments they use. For art and music therapists, holistic practitioners (reiki, masseuse, acupuncture, etc.) and yoga and tai chi masters, there are degrees and/or certifications they should possess.


Most holistic treatment facilities are in beautiful, natural areas, such as near a beach, in the mountains, or in the woods. To maximize outcomes, natural settings are used in holistic treatment to calm patients and encourage relaxation and mindfulness. Look for one in a location that inspires you and helps you find inner peace. 

Low patient-to-doctor ratios

Part of treating your entire self is having an engaging staff that can help you on a personal level. Doctors with a heavy case load have less time and energy for individual patients, so it’s crucial to look for a facility with a high volume of staff. You can also search for a facility with a lower patient volume, but those may have a waiting list for applicants. 

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Why Choose Holistic Recovery at Mountain Springs?

Meeting the criteria above, Holistic Recovery at Mountain Springs offers peaceful, scenic locations in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Holistic rehab centers located there often allow hiking, outdoor meditation and yoga, alongside nutrition, exercise, and life skills assessment and training to help you live your best life even after you leave.

Mountain Springs rehabilitation facilities combine holistic, nature-based treatment with evidence-based, traditional treatments, such as individual, family and group counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, and outdoor therapy. They treat a variety of substance abuse disorders, such as alcoholism, opiate addiction, and prescription drug addiction. They use many of these treatment styles in tandem to discover why you turned to drugs or alcohol in the first place. Then, they use holistic methods to give you healthy coping mechanisms to help prevent relapse and give you new life skills to help you achieve life long sobriety.

How do I pay for Holistic Rehab?

Different insurance plans will cover different percentages of your holistic rehab. This can all be confusing and frustrating when searching for a rehab center for yourself or a loved one. Fortunately, Mountain Spring Recovery will do all the hard work for you. Our insurance specialists will help you when it comes to finding out what coverage you have and will help you ever step of the way through this entire process. Once we’re able to verify your insurance benefits, we will you through the process of getting approved for coverage. Contact Mountian Springs Recovery Today to find out more!

Why to choose Mountain Springs Recovery for your SMART Recovery Program?

If you or a loved one is struggling with any kind of addiction, it is best to get professional help at the soonest time possible. Though there are many addiction treatment facilities nearby, it is important to choose the right treatment facility who can help you achieve your goal of lifetime sobriety.

Here at Mountain Springs Recovery, we make sure that we offer you the right treatment plan in a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive environment for your addiction recovery.

Our process starts with intake and assessment which are performed by skilled and seasoned physicians and medical staff. These people will help you come up with the perfect treatment plan to help you fully recover. At the detox phase, you will be guided and assisted by our equally well-trained staff.

During treatment, we offer different treatment options and should you chose our SMART Recovery Program, you will be guided and assisted by licensed therapists and counselors. Also, you will undergo different sessions surrounded by empathetic and supportive people who will cheer you on your recovery journey.

At Mountain Springs Recovery, we will make sure that you will get the help you need. Call us today and let’s start your addiction recovery journey!

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