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Treatment Therapies

Treatment Therapies

At Mountain Springs we combine the best available treatment with our five-star amenities and personalized service to give a first-class care to our clients.

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The treatment therapy you choose could be the main factor in regards to your ability to stay sober after rehab. Treatment therapies usually means the details. The therapy you choose usually depends on multiple personal factors. No one style is effective or best for all patients. For a further understanding of all of your treatment options, you can contact us anytime!


Faith-Based Treatment


Faith-based drug rehab is a treatment that combines your beliefs and religion, with other psychological and homeopathic treatments.

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Non-Faith Based Treatment


Non-faith based rehabs offer treatment programs that do not include any  faith in any part of the treatment or recovery processes .

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Holistic Treatment


Holistic approaches is considered “alternative medicine” today.  It can include acupuncture, yoga, meditation, massages,  herbalism, etc.

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Dual-Diagnosis Treatment


Dual diagnosis, as a condition describes an individual who has both a substance abuse problem and a mental health.

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From the minute you begin your rehab treatment, a rehab placement expert will gradually identify your individual needs and guide you in choosing the best aftercare program for you. Aftercare after discharge from an addiction treatment facility is essential to your recovery journey and in living a healthy and drug-free life.

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