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Sober October Activities: Fun Things To Do Without Drinking

Halloween is nearly here and many of us want to celebrate in some way. If you’re in recovery, however, you might fear old haunts far more than a visit to the most terrifying haunted attraction.

Fortunately, there are ways to celebrate without risking your sobriety.

Here are seven suggestions for getting festive without derailing your recovery.

Party Sober

Maybe a bar, nightclub, or the party a friend (from the-before-you-got-clean times) is throwing aren’t the best places to get festive. But you can take the party bull by the horns and throw your own bash or roll with your sober crew. Invite folks who are also abstaining or friends who will have your back and party with them. Make some mocktails, put out an assortment of snacks, play some dance music, and create your own fun. 

Just be sure to plan ahead, and have a mental script rehearsed just in case someone suggests you throw caution to the wind. (That applies not just for Halloween, but any time.)

Movie Night

Love scary movies? That’s a fine way to get into the spirit of things. Pick a favorite vampire movie or watch a couple of classics. Stream the latest buzz-worthy horror flick. Pop some corn, turn down the lights, and make it a night you will remember.

Light a Bonfire

Instead of getting lit, how about lighting a bonfire or stoking the firepit? (Just make sure it’s legal, and exercise proper fire safety.) Wrap yourself in a blanket, make s’mores, and tell some spooky or funny Halloween stories.

Go It Sober

There are plenty of sober meetups all over the place. You can search by the type of event, the kinds of people it’s geared toward (age groups, LGBTQ, etc.), special interests, and more. Search a site like for sober activities groups. If in-person activities are scant in your area, you’re sure to find something online.

Jack-O-Lantern Carving

Dig in and get creative with this seedy-sloppy activity. Carving pumpkins lets you have a little fun while keeping your mind and your hands busy. Kits make it easy to make a gourd-geous masterpiece, or go freehand and see what your skills and imagination can wield. Save the seeds to roast for a healthy and nutritious snack.

Go Trick-or-Treating

Put on a costume (or don’t; it’s your choice), and do a bit of trick-or-treating. If you have kids (or know someone with children) tag along and get into the spirit, even if you’re only acting as a spectator. You’ll get some walking in as you enjoy the sights, and it’s an activity that doesn’t need any illicit enhancements. Plus it’ll be a fun way to make memories.

Go to a Meeting

If Halloween is too much for you, it’s fine to sit this one out. For some people, it’s a big drinking holiday, and that association can be too much of a temptation. (Avoiding triggers is important.)  If you’re worried about falling off the wagon, bolster yourself by attending a 12-step meeting (or something comparable). Your overall health is more important than costumes and cocktails. 

Happy Halloween!

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