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Why Mountain Springs Recovery?


Mountain Springs Recovery Center for Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Mountain Springs provides comfortable healing and recovery programs to help you or a loved one during one of the most difficult times of your life. We offer a team of highly competent professionals in various academic disciplines and specialties who will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan. You or your loved will stay in a therapeutic atmosphere with round-the-clock monitoring and medical care.

We value you as a distinct individual with specific needs and concerns. When you arrive at Mountain Springs, our medical doctor and therapist will provide an all-inclusive assessment. Your treatment team will analyze, assess, and adjust your personalized treatment program on a regular basis.

The Mountain Springs team features an impressive collection of experienced and compassionate counselors, doctors, physician assistants, therapists, nurses, case managers, and support staff members.


Our Core Values

Mountain Springs understands the role of various treatment methods and recovery programs to promote effective recovery. We pair different types of treatment with our highly experienced and skilled team to help you achieve your goals. Mountain Springs believes that in order to overcome hurdles and build a new life, people need an encouraging and supportive community.

We are committed to the total comfort of our clients. Mountain Springs has designed various programs to provide comprehensive, therapeutic care for the recovery process.

Our system strives to promote healthy lifestyles for our clients after their treatment ends and they return to their loved ones. Mountain Springs believes in providing a healthy and secure place to encourage genuine, lasting recovery.

We Prioritize Your Safety

At Mountain Springs, two of our major priorities are the safety and comfort of our clients. We will provide this comfort and safety during detoxification procedures. Our team not only manages your medication, but also provides comprehensive comfort methods, various types of care, and a supportive environment.

These help you through a difficult time and provide effective therapeutic procedures. Mountain Springs ensures that you will receive proper care and guidance for your physical and emotional needs.

We Are Technology-Friendly

Mountain Springs acknowledges the lives of professionals and executives. This is why our community allows laptops and mobile phones. We understand that laptops, notebooks, and smartphones are essential to working professionals. We recognize that it may be difficult to take time away from your career or other responsibilities.

Since we are a gadget-friendly institution, you may continue to work and live your daily life. Mountain Springs offers a scanner, fax machine, and computers that you may use at selected time. Our clients may use evenings and weekends to attend to their personal businesses.


We Offer a Relaxing Environment

Sometimes, clients regress because they are anxious about overcoming addiction or have other anxieties or other forms of stress. Mountain Springs is situated in a peaceful, relaxing, and quiet place. The setting may help you treat your stress and give you the opportunity to concentrate on your recovery.


We Value Confidentiality and Privacy

In addition to making you feel safe and secure, we also give maximum priority to confidentiality. At Mountain Springs, you can express your thoughts and emotions in a judgment-free and private environment.

Our professionals will provide advice, guidance, assistance, and support to resolve any issues. Our team observes the highest standards of anonymity and privacy and complies to HIPAA and Title 42 of the Code of Federal Regulations.


We Offer Customized Treatment

Here at Mountain Springs, we recognize that each type of substance abuse and addiction is not the same. We create specified treatment plans to help clients recover from addiction and gain better mental health.


We Offer Specialized Addiction Treatments to Serve You

Mountain Springs provides evidence-based treatments to help you recover and improve your health. We employ highly trained professionals with specialties in various therapies and treatments to treat mental illness and addiction.

Our therapies include non 12-step treatment, 12-step addiction treatment, and dual diagnosis treatment (treatment for both addiction and mental illnesses). We also offer faith-based treatment, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma therapy, and grief counseling.

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