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Why Mountain Springs Recovery?

Why Mountain Springs Recovery?

At Mountain Springs we combine the best available treatment with our five-star amenities and personalized service to give a first-class care to our clients.

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Choosing Mountain Springs Recovery Center as your Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Mountain Springs aims to offer the most comfortable healing and recovery program to help you or someone close to you in one of the most difficult phases of life. We have a team of highly-competent professionals in various academic disciplines and specializations, to work with you and delicately create a personalized treatment plan. To top it all, you or your loved one will get a therapeutic atmosphere with 24/7 extensive monitoring and continuous medical care.

Mountain Springs values you as a distinct individual with specific needs and concerns. On your arrival, our medical doctor and therapist will provide an all-inclusive assessment. In addition, your own treatment team will analyze, assess, and adjust your personalized treatment program on a weekly basis.
Mountain Springs has an impressive team of highly-trained Counselors, Doctors, Physician Assistants, Therapists, Nurses, Case Managers, and support staff.

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Our Core Values

Mountain Springs understands the role of various recovery styles and treatment methods in effective recovery of the patient. The different types of treatment we provide are paired with our highly-experienced and skilled team, to assist you in achieving your goals. Mountain Springs believes that in order to overcome hurdles and greet a new life, patients need an encouraging and supportive community.

Mountain Springs wants to be the place committed to the total comfort of its clients. We have designed various programs specifically to provide comprehensive and therapeutic methods for the recovery process.
Our system aims to recreate a healthy lifestyle for our clients after the treatment and when they return to their loved ones. Mountain Springs believes that it is only in creating a healthy and secure place that genuine recovery can happen.

We Prioritize Your Safety

At Mountain Springs, our main priority is the safety and comfort of our patients. We believe that these are vital details needed for an effective detoxification procedure. Our team not only manages your medication, but also provides comprehensive comfort methods, care, and a supportive environment.
This will not only help you through your difficult time, but will also ensure an effective therapeutic process. Mountain Springs makes sure that you get the right and proper care and guidance for your physical and emotional needs, at the most sensitive period of your life.

We are Technology-Friendly

Mountain Springs acknowledges the life of professionals and executives. This is why our community opts to be laptop and mobile phone friendly. We understand that laptops, notebooks, and smartphones are essential to working professionals. We also recognize that it is hard to take time away from your careers.
Being a gadget-friendly institution is our way of assisting you in our own way, so you can go back to your daily life. Mountain Springs offers access to a scanner, fax machine, and even computer. Since our facility offers a limited number of computers, you can bring your own gadgets and use them during the scheduled time. Most importantly, our clients are given night time and weekends to attend to their personal businesses.

We Have a Relaxing Environment

There are some instances when patients regress because they are anxious that it will be hard for them to overcome addiction, because the facility is very close to their homes. Mountain Springs is situated in a peaceful, relaxing, and quiet place that will give you the opportunity to concentrate on your recovery.

We Adhere to Confidentiality and Patient’s Privacy

Aside from our goal of making you feel safe and secure, we also give maximum priority to confidentiality. At Mountain Springs, you can be assured that you can share your thoughts and emotions in a judgment-free and private environment. Our professionals will provide advice, guidance, assistance, and support to resolve fundamental issues. Our team observes the highest standards of anonymity and privacy amenable to the Title 42 Code of Regulations and with the HIPAA Act.

We Offer Customized Treatment

Here at Mountain Springs, we recognize that each type of substance abuse and addiction is not the same. Thus, we make specified treatment plans to make sure that clients are positioned in the best place to recover from addiction, and gain better mental health.

We Offer Various Addiction Treatments to Meet Your Needs

In addition to our wide array of customary therapies, Mountain Springs also provides holistic therapies as well as evidence-based treatments, to help you fully recover and improve your health. We have a pool of highly-trained professionals with specializations in various therapies and treatments for mental health and addiction.

Our therapies include the Non-12-Step, the 12-Step Addiction Treatment, and Dual Diagnosis Treatment. We also offer Faith-Based Treatment, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Therapy, and Grief Counseling.

In addition, Mountain Springs offers Holistic Therapies which includes Acupuncture, Yoga, Meditation, Exercise, and Art and Music Therapy. Most importantly, our expert staff imparts other techniques such as coping skills, communication skills, social skills, life skills, and even relapse prevention.

We Give Your Aftercare Priority

When you arrive at Mountain Springs, your discharge plan begins on your first day. Our team will continuously evaluate your needs and the changes you make during your stay. We will also guide you in ensuring that you will return to a sober and appropriate environment.

We provide an Intensive Outpatient Program to make sure that you return to a sober environment while still engaged in the program. Our team can also assist you in finding a recovery coach, therapist, or addiction counselor in the area of your choice.

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