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Non 12 Steps Rehab in Colorado

Non 12-Steps Treatment in Colorado

While 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are common choices when attempting to overcome an addiction, some people find the spiritual aspect of traditional 12-step programs off-putting. Others may have attempted 12-step programs and realized the steps did not work for them. This is where alternatives to 12-step programs may make a big difference.

Non twelve-step treatment programs focus on scientific or holistic approaches to deal with the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of recovery.

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Reasons for a Non 12-Step Program

Alternatives to a traditional 12-Step program base care on different principles. Depending on the organization or program, the principles may change, but they generally include:

Motivation: You must find the motivation yourself to change where your life is headed. Without personal motivation, you may not be willing to take the necessary steps to alter the course of your life. Consider what drugs or alcohol have done to you and others. What have you lost along the way? You may ask these questions and others to find your motivation.

Personal responsibility: You have allowed drugs and alcohol to control you long enough. It is time that you took back your life and assumed personal responsibility. Do not allow anyone or anything else to determine the direction of your life. You must be the one to set yourself on the course to recovery.

Balance: Balance is critical in recovery. You should find the perfect balance among wellness, overall health, and continuing your recovery. Finding this can be difficult at first, but you can find a balance that fits your life. Remember, you have to take personal responsibility to find the balance that fits you. No one else can do that for you. 

Let one of our rehab specialists explain our non 12-step program:

12 Steps vs. Non 12 Steps

Both 12-step and non 12-step programs have unique benefits. It is important to analyze them in-depth to determine which ones will work for you and your recovery. Some of the benefits of 12-step programs include:

  • Availability: Since 12-step programs have been around for a long time and are used around the world, finding a 12-step program may be easy.
  • Convenience: 12-step programs usually a recommended part of aftercare programs for people who are finishing addiction treatment. Treatment providers may help people enroll 12-step programs.

12-step programs also have some disadvantages:

  • Debatable success rate: Some studies claim that 12-step programs have a low success rate. While these numbers are debatable, they show that the 12-step program may not be as effective as other types of sobriety assistance.
  • Volunteer-based treatment: Volunteers, not medically or psychologically trained professionals, operate 12-step programs. This may create personable, cordial treatment, but it means you may not be receiving the evidence-based treatment you need.
  • Less support for dual diagnosis: Addiction is often the result of an underlying mental illness. The presence of both conditions is called a dual diagnosis. This condition requires more in-depth treatment than many 12-step programs provide, which may make a relapse more likely.

Non 12-step rehab centers have different benefits. They include:

  • Dual diagnosis support: Non 12-step rehab centers understand the need to include psychology and mental health as part of their treatments. Treating coexisting mental illnesses is an essential part of addiction treatment and a healthy recovery.
  • Professional counseling: Medically or psychologically trained professionals who are licensed and trained to provide assistance are a feature of many non 12-step treatment programs.

Non 12-step rehab centers do not follow the traditional 12 step framework, but they provide you with an individualized plan and strategy unique to you and your needs. But there are also drawbacks to non 12-step treatment. They may include:

  • Scarcity: Non 12-step rehab programs may be difficult to find since they are not as common as the approaches that align with the traditional 12-step system.
  • Distance: Because of the comparative rarity of these programs, it may sometimes be inconvenient or difficult to attend a non 12-step program. Mountain Springs Recovery understands this and may help you reach our center.

Types of Non 12-Step Rehab Programs

As we mentioned before, 12 step programs such as AA or NA have been successfully used to help to treat people who abuse drugs or alcohol. But these are not the only programs available. There are several other non twelve-step treatment programs available. One of the most well-known nonreligious options is the non 12-step recovery program known as SMART Recovery.

SMART Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training) aims to help people break free from their addictions to substances and alcohol. The program strives to help people move away from self-defeating thoughts, attitudes, and actions to develop a healthy perspective. Its four-point program seeks to empower people and provides them with skills to rebuild their lives.

Some people put the two programs against each other: SMART Recovery vs AA. But, people respond differently to different programs, so one program is not necessarily better than the other. Another type of non 12-step addiction treatment is Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS). This program may help religious and nonreligious individuals recover from drug addiction by using a scientific approach to addiction.

Holistic addiction treatment is another approach to deal with addiction. This approach takes the whole person into consideration instead of treating symptoms individually and managing them with medicine. The goal of holistic addiction treatment is to heal the mind, body, and soul from the damages of addiction.

This discussion illustrates that there is no shortage of nonreligious rehab programs. Mountain Springs Recovery may help you find the right one for you.

Choosing Non 12-Step Rehab

There are no programs that feature 12 steps or 12 step alternatives that address all of the needs of all the people who are dependent on drugs or alcohol. The key to a successful rehabilitation program is the ability to choose the program that best suits an individual’s medical and psychological needs.

It is also important to identify programs where people will feel most comfortable. They should also examine their personal belief systems and determine the type of interventions they feel will be most effective. Addiction may impact people differently, so it may require different ways to treat it.

Before people are able to choose the best program for them, it is important to consider what makes a non 12-step recovery program so different from a 12-step one.

  • Non 12-step programs view addiction as a health condition while 12-step programs often considers it to be a moral problem.
  • Approaches in non 12-step programs are science-based. They utilize scientific methods that help clients examine the causes of their addictions and develop precise solutions while 12-step alternatives are religion-based.
  • Treatment in the non 12-step recovery model incorporates therapy and strives to build self-esteem and improve physical health.
  • Counseling components in non 12-step recovery programs treat an individual’s condition as unique and tailors its interventions based on what a client actually needs. The program often employs cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other evidence-backed treatments.

Finding an Affordable Non 12-Step Rehab

If you want to attend a non 12-step rehab in Colorado, look no further: Mountain Springs Recovery is the answer to your problems. Our staff provides quality non 12-step addiction treatment that utilizes science and research as well as different therapies and techniques. Anything you may need from a non 12-step rehab in Colorado, you may find at Mountain Springs Recovery.

If you are worried about paying for comprehensive treatment at a non 12 -step rehab in Colorado, worry no more. Mountain Springs Recovery accepts many insurance types, so your insurance may pay part of your treatment or the cost of your entire rehab stay.

Mountain Springs Recovery wants you to find the treatment you need. Simply reach out to our insurance verification experts and we can help you get a clearer picture of what your insurance will cover. When you reach out to our insurance experts, there are no obligations. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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