Does Cigna Health Insurance Cover the Costs of Addiction Treatment?

Researching and contacting Cigna and drug and alcohol treatment centers can help people understand whether different facilities will accept their insurance plans and how much they might have to pay to fight substance abuse and addiction and change their lives.

Last Edited: 05/26/2021

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Cigna is a Connecticut-based health insurance program managed by multiple entities. Are you under a Cigna health insurance policy? Find out if addiction treatment centers will accept your insurance provider.

Cigna is a global health service company that provides comprehensive health, dental, vision, pharmacy, supplemental, and Medicare services to individuals and groups. The company has several health insurance options which are highly flexible for their policyholder’s unique needs.

If you are a current Cigna policyholder, you may want to find out if your chosen addiction treatment center accepts your health insurance. Having verified health insurance will allow you to cover substance abuse treatment services at minimal to no cost.

Insurance Verification Help

The first step in knowing if your addiction treatment center accepts Cigna health insurance is to contact for verification. Many rehab facilities have affiliations or in-network with major health insurances, so in these cases, the policyholders will receive the inpatient treatment at no cost.

However, this all depends on the type of Cigna health insurance you have. If you have supplemental or dental plans, it is likely that you will shoulder some out-of-pocket expenses as it is not part of your coverage. To further know the specifics, you can reach out to your addiction treatment center to know the following information:

  • Deductibles: This is the amount you will be paying once your insurance starts its coverage. For example, if you have already spent $1,000 on treatment, the insurance will be covering the remaining amount except for the coinsurance and copayment costs.
  • Coinsurance: This is the percentage of the covered cost that one needs to pay. If a covered health service is $60 and the coinsurance is 25%, the policyholder is required to pay $15.
  • Copayments: This is a fixed cost you need to pay for a covered service. Copayments are usually on the lower end of costs if a health service is covered by your insurance provider.
  • Effective date: The effective date is the time where your insurance will start covering treatment costs. Ideally, you would want to start treatment within these dates for your health insurance to cover rehab.
  • Maximum out-of-pocket expenses: Many insurance companies offer a maximum amount of out-of-pocket cost for covered services. For example, if the maximum out-of-pocket reaches the threshold indicated at $500, the insurance provider will cover the rest of the costs.

Knowing these specifics can help give you a better estimate of how much you will be spending on substance abuse rehab. If this information is not readily available at your insurance provider’s database or website, you can call your rehab center to calculate the costs for you.

Does Your Facility Accept My Health Insurance?

Mountain Springs Recovery accepts most comprehensive health insurance plans for Cigna policyholders. If you have a plan that covers general health inpatient treatment, doctor checkups, labs, and rehabilitation, it is likely that your rehab at Mountain Springs Recovery will be covered by Cigna.

It is best to verify with us so that we can assess the full extent of your insurance coverage, as well as to help you prepare if there are additional costs. Simply fill out the information on our insurance verification page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Paying for Addiction Treatment

If you discover that your health insurance will only cover part of the addiction treatment costs or none at all, there are still ways to pay for your rehab. It’s all a matter of planning ahead, being creative, and pooling your funds to cover treatment costs. Below are other ways to pay for addiction treatment:


There are many companies offering medical and personal loans to individuals in need. These loans can be taken out with any kind of credit score, but those who have affordable interest rates are banks and credit unions. You may inquire about personal loans in your local area once you have determined the total cost of treatment.

Friends and family

Your loved ones are the biggest supporters in your recovery journey. You can ask your family and friends to sponsor a part of your treatment cost as a way to support you towards getting sober. Since the amount is partially covered by people whom you value, you will be more determined to do well in your inpatient rehab.

Employer or organizations

There are many organizations that are willing to cover the cost of healthcare services for individuals. If you have a gracious employer who is willing to sponsor your needs or identify with a certain organization that funds healthcare services, you can reach out to these entities and see how they can help you.


You can also pool funding through online crowdfunding sources as rehab is considered a medical need. Additionally, you can start programs such as running events, garage sales, or performances to help gather crowds to fund your treatment.


Many people who don’t have health insurance can start with their savings to cover rehab expenses. After all, an investment in your health is the best investment there is–the long-term effects of being sober and well is a priceless achievement one can have.

Other ways include negotiating payment plans, scholarships, or finding sponsors.

Cigna Health Insurance: Verify at Mountain Springs Recovery Today

To know more about the coverage of your Cigna health insurance policy, feel free to reach out to Mountain Springs Recovery today. Our dedicated specialists will help you determine your insurance coverage, customized payment plans, and other things you would like to know about addiction treatment.


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