Co-Occurring Disorders and Drug & Alcohol Rehab 

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Co-Occurring Disorders and Treatment

Many people need drug and alcohol rehab. Some of these people have co-occurring disorders. These disorders occur when people have an addiction and a mental health condition and are also known as a dual diagnosis or a comorbidity.

 Drug and alcohol treatment centers have specified co-occurring disorder treatment programs. There are some people who believe that mental health disorders and addictions should be treated separately. But, the two are inextricably linked, as mental health disorders may lead to substance abuse and substance abuse may lead to mental health issues.

Integrated Care for Co-Occurring Disorder Patients 

Researchers have conducted many studies on drug and alcohol treatment center programs. Much of the research has shown the effectiveness of integrated treatment for co-occurring disorders. Combining addiction treatment with psychiatric and mental health treatments has been shown to reduce the rate of relapsing. It has helped many recovering addicts stay clean and sober for longer as well. Some of the reasons why integrated treatment for co-occurring disorders is important in drug and alcohol rehab include:

  • Creating recovery plans that help people to overcome mental health disorders and negative side effects
  • Treating mental health issues that could lead to substance abuse
  • Providing group therapy to build stronger support systems for those who struggle with addiction and mental health disorders
  • Helping combat specific triggers for those with co-occurring disorders, such as panic attacks and social anxiety

 The above reasons are some reasons why integrated treatment is a good idea for those with co-occurring disorders. Professionals at alcohol and drug rehabs often have specialized treatment for co-occurring disorders. They understand the needs of those with a mental health disorder and an addiction.

Treatment Approaches 

There are many approaches to treating mental health and addiction. Some of these approaches include:

  • Making people with co-occurring disorders feel welcome instead of making them feel excluded.
  • Giving the addiction and mental health disorder the same attention during the treatment process.
  • Addressing the addiction and mental health illness together in order to provide better longer-term support.
  • Providing early treatment of mental health disorder to improve the benefits from addiction treatment

 These are some of the treatment approaches used in mental health and addiction treatment. If you have an addiction to harmful substances and a mental health disorder, there are programs to help you and make you feel as comfortable as possible during the treatment process. When people participate in integrated processes, they can structure their treatment programs to suit their needs.

Therapy Options 

Therapy is a major component of many treatment programs. Many therapy options exist for co-occurring disorder treatments. If you are in a drug and alcohol rehab program and are also receiving mental health services, some types of therapy you might receive include the following:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Art or music therapy

People who are participating in drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs may participate in such therapy options. While these options may vary depending on the type of rehab you are attending and the severity of your condition, this list will give you a general idea of the types of therapy you may receive in an addiction rehab center.

Treatment Strategies 

If you are considering drug and alcohol treatment along with mental health treatment, there are some treatment strategies that you may want to consider. The strategies may help when you are developing a plan for your recovery. Some strategies you may want to investigate include:

  • Residential addiction treatment programs – There are many intensive addiction treatment programs that give clients the structure and support they need. The programs may help remove the pressures of recovery to help people focus more on their progress.
  • Outpatient addiction treatment – Many addiction rehab centers offer different outpatient treatments as well. The programs do not offer around-the-clock care, but often offer therapy, medication, and other addiction treatments as well.
  • Individual therapy options – Individual therapy provides one-on-one help throughout the recovery process. During this type of therapy, a client meets with a therapist to examine issues and develop healthy coping strategies.
  • Medication-based therapy – This type of therapy utilizes medications to treat mental health disorders to supplement mental health and addiction treatment.
  • Support groups – People in recovery may participate in many different types of support groups to help them manage their mental health disorders and addictions. They interact with other people who have firsthand experience with addiction and recovery.

 This list includes some of the treatment strategies used with co-occurring disorders. If you have a mental health disorder and an addiction, they are some of the treatment options that you might consider.

 Many people have a co-occurring disorder and many need treatment. If you need drug and alcohol rehab care along with mental health care, you can find and receive such care.

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Table of Contents

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