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Drug and Alcohol Detox

At Mountain Springs we combine the best available treatment with our five-star amenities and personalized service to give a first-class care to our clients.

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Mountain Springs Drug and Alcohol Detox

Mountain Springs is set like a home to accommodate those seeking alcohol and drug detox. The center uses the latest technology to ensure the detox program is as safe and comfortable as possible. After repeated use of alcohol and drugs, the body and brain go through changes and so we work on our residents with the utmost care to make the process as smooth as possible.

Whats a Detox Program?

The porpouse of a detox program is to manage the withdrawal symptoms when someone stops taking any substance in order to let the body eliminate them.

Detox Approaches We Use

Depending on the detox center you prefer, we have these forms of detox available.

Comprehensive Assessments  A designated team will test you to determine the right kind of therapy based on your medical history, drugs abused, and your needs that will help us customize your treatment.

Round-the-Clock Care we offer care at all times of the day and night and have someone on standby to cater to your pain or discomfort.

Medications – sometimes, you will go through psychological and physical symptoms of withdrawal and out experts may prescribe research-based medication as necessary.

Homely and Comfortable our detox facilities are designed and set to look and feel like home. In the place of bland hospital walls, we have cheerful color schemes that will warm you up.

Alternative Approaches Depending on your recovery and detox plan, our experts may recommend alternative approaches to counter withdrawal symptoms.

Alternative Approaches we may incorporate

Massage Therapy as you begin recovery, withdrawal from substance use may cause muscle pain that will make it difficult to focus on recovery. Massage therapy alleviates this pain so that your mind and body can recover.

Acupuncture Pain, digestive concerns, insomnia, and discomfort are some of the most popular symptoms that accompany withdrawal, and so we partner with acupuncturists to apply this ancient Chinese technique to solve them.

Neurofeedback most patients report that neurofeedback reduces their cravings for drugs or alcohol, reduces pain, and helps them sleep well. As this form of therapy tracks the brain’s activities, it may help establish healthier brain patterns.

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Tailor-made Alcohol and Drug Detox

At Creekside, we monitor each case individually and so we will not require your participation in treatments for structured groups. Our experts will monitor you and only upon satisfactory examination will they recommend you to start treatment. After they are satisfied that you are ready to begin treatment for substance abuse, we will encourage you to attend group therapy sessions during detox.

What Ensures the Success of our Detox Programs?

Research has shown that the success – or failure- of a rehabilitation program is in the detox program. Because it is quite painful and even life-threatening in some cases, detox from drugs and alcohol is quite sensitive. It has been the reason why many people refuse to seek help for their addiction or leave the process before they achieve what they came for.

Our detox programs have been quite successful, thanks to evidence-based approaches that make this sensitive as comfortable as possible. We seek to have all our residents move from detox to recovery and so we are always coming in with the best ways to keep you comfortable.

Go on, Make the Right Decision for Your Future

You may be wondering what is in store for you if you continue using drugs and /or alcohol. You may even not be mentally ready to let go of substance abuse as you do not know how to go about it. You struggle with the thought of whether you can stay off drugs once you get off rehab. Well, do not let that concern you too much. No one will expect you to have it all planned and figured out to start with. That’s why we are here – to hold your hand through the process. Call us today for guidance.

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