The Cost of Addiction Rehab

The Cost of Addiction Rehab

The cost of rehab treatment varies depending on the center. Some programs can cost thousands of dollar while others are free. Regardless of your budget, at Mountain Springs Recovery the opportunity to heal is accessible to anyone.

At Mountain Springs Recovery, we work with health insurance providers across the country. This means that you or your loved ones may be able to receive treatment at our rehab facility with little to no out-of-pocket expenses!

How can you be sure your health insurance will cover any or all of your rehabilitation treatment needs? Each insurance plan is different, so the best way of determining how much you will have to pay for addiction rehabilitation is to call your insurer.

You should prepare before calling them. They will ask a series of questions, such as the name and location of the drug and alcohol rehab center in Colorado, the type of treatment, length of treatment, and the like. If you have no experience with rehab, these questions can be difficult.

When you call us, you can let one of our experts take care of the problem for you. So don’t wait any longer! Contact us today and start on your road to recovery with our staff here at Mountain Springs Recovery.

Factors Affecting Cost

The cost of treatment depends on several factors:

Location of the facility

Where the facility is established affects the price of rehab. It is expected for facilities near the beach or mountain offering scenic views to cost more than other centers that cannot offer such amenities.

Kind of facility

The type of rehab center is another factor. An inpatient facility is more costly than an outpatient facility because it must offer meals, accommodation, activities, therapy sessions, and around-the-clock monitoring. Luxury rehabs also cost more because of their outstanding service and A-list facilities.

Program size

Programs with more participants will cost less since there are more people pooling their resources together. Those with fewer participants will cost more but with more attention given to each participant.

Treatment options

The type of treatment you choose also affects cost. Each program has its own price tag, whether 12-step, non-12 step, holistic, faith-based, non-faith-based, or SMART Recovery.

Length of Stay

How long a person stays inside the rehab center determines the cost as well. A 30-day treatment program is less expensive than a 90-day one, while the cost of a flexible stay inside the facility varies.


If the center has amazing facilities, this will surely cost more. You pay for luxuries such as an on-site gym, swimming pool, nutrition counseling, massage therapy, acupuncture, and the like.

No matter how much you pay for a treatment, you should keep in mind that it is more costly if you do not seek treatment. It is costly to you, your family, and the government. The nation is spending around $740 billion each year for costs related to substance abuse. This covers loss of work productivity, health care, and crime.

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Choosing a Treatment Center in Colorado

Finding a rehab center that fits your requirements may seem daunting. There are so many things to consider, such as whether your insurance covers it and if it has a stress-free environment in which to start your recovery. If you are looking for the best, then Mountain Springs Recovery is the place to go. We have the best facilities among all rehab centers in Colorado. Our team of highly-skilled and highly-trained professionals are equipped to provide you with the best care possible.

At Mountain Springs Recovery, you can be assured that your sobriety is our business. We are here to offer world-class service at the most reasonable price. Our top priority is for you to have a smooth recovery process. You do not have to worry about the financial burden. We can make arrangements with your insurance provider for a treatment plan that is in your best interest. We will make sure to maximize your coverage with no hidden costs.

We also have on-site insurance specialists who can walk you through the process. They are at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They will gladly walk you through the details of your insurance coverage.

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