Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for Professionals

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for Professionals

Professionals at Risk of a Substance Abuse Disorder

If you are a professional, there is a good chance that you shoulder a significant amount of responsibility. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, teacher, therapist, pilot, or any other professional, you may have the lives of others in your hands.

Professionals are among the most driven, dedicated, and compassionate people in communities. Not only do you have many responsibilities, but you likely also take your job very seriously and continually strive to learn more, do more, and become better. You may work long hours under high levels of stress. Sometimes, you may even ignore your own physical, mental, or spiritual needs.

All of these are risk factors for drug and alcohol addiction. In addition, many professionals, such as doctors, pharmacists, and nurses, also have increased access to opioids or other addictive substances, often turning to self-medication to cope with physical or emotional pain.

Finally, long hours and constantly-changing work environments may make it easy for substance abuse to go undetected. You may not have realized that you were spiraling into addiction until it was too late.

Unique Considerations for Professionals

For many professionals, getting help for your drug or alcohol addiction is not as easy as picking up the phone. You may have clients that depend on you and a schedule full of appointments. It may be difficult for you to take weeks away from your office or practice. You may even feel overwhelmed or anxious about the amount of work that might stack up if you take leave for treatment.

Rest assured that at Mountain Springs Recovery, we understand those concerns. We are also professionals. We understand the responsibilities you have and the complexities of seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction.

In many cases, seeking treatment for drug or alcohol abuse will not cause you to lose your professional license. In fact, many professional licensure organizations recognize the importance of seeking help for addictions and encourage professionals to do so.

At Mountain Springs Recovery, we strive to form relationships between our treatment programs for professionals and professional licensure boards so that your transition back to work may be easier.

Sometimes, the work environment or field of work makes relapsing a concern. We recommend transitioning back to work when it is safe for both you and for your clients or patients. Our goal is to help you recover and heal, giving you the tools necessary to cope with stressors at work, at home, and throughout your life so that you may safely return to your career and your life.

While you may be concerned about seeking treatment for your substance abuse disorder because of your professional licensure, rest assured that becoming clean and recovering from your addiction is the safest and best way to maintain your licensure.

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What Can I Expect During Treatment?

At Mountain Springs Recovery, we have several alcohol and drug abuse treatment options. The treatments depend on a number of factors and will be tailored to suit your individual needs. First, you will undergo a detox procedure to remove drugs or alcohol from your body. Then, you will undergo a variety of group and individual therapy options to help you overcome your addiction, address any trauma or mental health issues, and learn healthy and safe coping mechanisms.

As part of your drug or alcohol rehab program, you may be prescribed medication to help with cravings and withdrawal symptoms. If necessary, you also may be prescribed medications to treat mental illnesses, physical illnesses, or other conditions that may impact your recovery.

Some professionals may prefer taking a more holistic approach to drug and alcohol addictions treatment. This approach looks at the whole person rather than just the addiction. Holistic treatment options address your whole lifestyle, which is perfect for the busy professional who struggles to find time for sleeping and eating well and who may experience high levels of stress on the job. For some professionals, in particular doctors or nurses, recovery from trauma after the loss of a patient may be necessary as well.

Holistic approaches may give you the tools necessary to make healthy choices, practice self-care, and heal from mental or physical illness. These approaches may include yoga, meditation, hiking, acupuncture, or other evidence-based practices.

While you are receiving treatment at Mountain Springs Recovery, you may expect a holistic, evidence-based approach that integrates traditional group and individual therapy and other approaches. Our goal is to address the whole person, helping you to recover physically and mentally so that you can transition back to your life.

Continuing Recovery

Treatment for drug and alcohol abuse is not a short-term endeavor. After your initial rehab treatment, you will participate in ongoing recovery efforts as you integrate back into family and professional life.

Your aftercare program will be customized to meet your needs but may include working with your licensing board or employer to help you transition back to work. It may offered continued counseling and support groups to help you cope with stressors in your new life. A key component of substance abuse recovery is ongoing monitoring to ensure your sobriety. This may include drug and urine screenings at work and follow-up visits with your recovery support team.

We know that it may be difficult to seek help for your drug or alcohol addiction, especially when you are a busy professional whose job it is to help others. Contacting us is the first step to becoming clean and returning to your career in a safe and healthy way.

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